Luxury Home Theater

With the ideal, purpose-built home theater system, you can bring the big screen movie theater experience to life in your own house. With a personalized selection of gear and furnishings made for your area, create the aesthetic and ambiance of blockbusters in your luxury home.

Stylish Home theater
Luxury Home theater

An incredible home viewing experience

Go luxurious while keeping it simple with the best AV technology paired with an ingenious, easy-to-use control system. Our Stream AV Solutions team members are home theater experts and will help you design and build a big screen, surround sound movie experience with the right mix of screens, projectors, and multi-channel audio.

Whether you’re looking for a simple way to boost the sound of your TV or want to create a full-blown home theater experience, we can help you find the perfect home theater solution for your needs.

Clear Ultra-realistic Sound

With the correct combination of speakers, pre-amplifiers, amplifiers, subwoofers, and power sources in a room built to maximize the impact and enjoyment of your sound, you’ll be able to take music appreciation to the next level. High-performance audio is highly subjective; your Stream Installer will work with you to choose the appropriate technology, conceal all of the cables, and create a beautiful environment for intimate listening sessions.

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